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Nice game with lovely chikens and many options to even dress them. Hard and nice targets like unlocking rainbow and golden chickens and for all audiences. Nice.

Really cute ! The soundtrack is catchy, take me less of a hour to complete but had a great time.  

absoltely love this game so fun


Very good game. Very addictive. One of the best farming games out there. And a nice variety of options.


i've never been so invested in managing chickens

Every time I scroll past this I can't help but find myself coming back to this amazing game! In 3 words short, sweet, and simple.


I think I need help

what's the probability of getting an egg that can hatch without grapes

I love this game!!!!!!! So much!!!!!!! Thank you for making it!!!!!!!

Thank you for this amazing game!
You can check my full game playthrough here:


This game is very stressful, I'm always worried about breaking an egg or starving my poor chickens to death. They run out of food a lot, even if I downsize. A destress game was the entire selling point. Unhappy I couldn't get that.


Hi there! If it helps, the chickens can’t actually die of hunger so you don’t have to keep feeding them. You can also move some chickens out of the grass area to make then fall asleep, if that makes things more manageable. 

i love this so mmuch


THIS GAME WAS PURE SERATONIN i loved it, thank you devs!!! <3




I finally completed the game.


Best game I’ve played in awhile! I’d play again. Awesome rainbow chicken sticker too!


I just finished playing this game to de-stress this morning and it was delightful! Thank you!

I clearly have 10 different kinds of chickens, but that objective won't clear. Additionally, I don't know how to unlock the rainbow chicken. Help?


Try putting them all on the grass at once.

that worked. thanks!!

I can't run this game TT^TT

Sorry to hear that, is this on web or downloaded? What happens when you try?

I am playing this on web and it just keep staying at the loading screen when I was trying to play it even I waited for hours T-T


I have absolutely no idea why I decided to do this, but, completely worth it-

How did u get that?I'm almost done with the game but idk how to get the rainbow chicken or the trophy.

late response but u just gotta follow the missions on the board

I already done it-

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Also,how do you own 10 chickens of different colors if you have the colors of the chickens?

Colors i've gotten for now-



3.Light Brown

4.Striped Black




8.Crimson Red



there's also a rainbow chicken to unlock. Maybe your missing that one

yeah ik im almost done completing the game but idk how to get the rainbow chicken.


I think there should be a chicken storage because I'm too stubborn to sell my chickens


could you make it possible to download the soundtrack NO Payment


Just so cute, great for when you need to be cheered up!


i played this for much longer than i want to admit LOL, love it a lot!!! <3

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I think i found a bug/glitch,if a chick is eating,put your mouse there.And,after its done it will leave.Don't move your cursor.But you can still see the progress of it becoming a full grown chicken.(It works on chickens too!)

Cute game!Any tips on how to get more money?Im stuck on 129 and can't get more food,god im so stupid for selling the food.

Do you have a spare chicken or chick you could sell?

I do,but i deleted my farm when i said it,but thanks for the tip!I know now.


Love this game. My only qualm is that there isn't more to do at the "endgame". Very much worth a playthrough, though. Who doesn't love cute little chickens?

yeah this rocks


Short but fun, for sure! It made for a nice evening for me.

Was an amazing experience! Thanks for creating it!

Fun! I want more!


This game isn't shit


I sold the trophy but never got it back :|

Bro why the fuck would you do that?Of course you wont get it back cuz you need to play the game to get the trophy again.


I love this game! I finished it in about ~1hr and the hang of it is pretty easy to get a hold of. The graphics are cute, but for a paid game the features are lacking. 

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