Peckin' Pixels is a cute management game where you run a chicken farm and make money selling your chicken's colourful eggs.

Now available for PC and Mac!


Made by Waving Walrus Games, Music by Natasha Lanceley, QA by Gareth Watin

  • Buy special chicken food with different effects.
  • Unlock rare chickens with different colours.
  • Dress your chickens in cute outfits.
  • Complete your objectives and unlock the rainbow and golden chicken!

Peckin' Pixels is built using Javascript and HTML canvas, and does not use any game engine or libraries. Downloadable version made using Electron.


If you enjoy playing please write me a comment, buy the game or get some merch :)

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(306 total ratings)
AuthorWaving Walrus Games
Made withAdobe Photoshop
Tags2D, Animals, Chicken, Cute, Farming, Management, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, web
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilitySubtitles, Interactive tutorial


Buy Now$1.50 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.50 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Peckin' Pixels-3.2.0 Setup.exe 66 MB
Peckin' Pixels-3.2.0.dmg 69 MB
Peckin Pixels Original Soundtrack 4 MB
if you pay $3 USD or more

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what is the most money anyone has made in this game?



i love this game

my sis is a world farmer


My nephews LOVE this game.

i got addicted

Random Scuffed Games #80

Vorgeschlagen von: Kekskaiserin

Super Süßes Spiel! Ich mag ja solche Games, Es hat was von Stardew Valley, zumindest heruntergebrochen auf das Hühnerzüchten. Witzig, kann auch manchmal etwas überhand nehmen aber auch tatsächlich in ca. 30 Minuten gut schaffbar. Protipp, wenn ihr Hühen halten, aber nicht verkaufen wollt bzw. eine bestimmte Farbe züchten möchtet, könnt ihr die anderen Hühner einfach so Platzieren, dass ein "X" darüber ist, so werden diese deaktiviert und futtern nicht alles weg :3

Simpel, effektiv, nette halbe Stunde für 1,5€ not bad.


Dito: 4/5

Chat: 3.73/5

Gesamt: 3.87/5

i like chickens, they look goofy lol

 C H I C K E N S A N D W I T C H


need I say more? I could do this forever!

Very cute game!


Cute game!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it


i cant afford the full game, but my progress in itch io always resets

Super cute game ! I love it


One of my faves! I've been looking for this for ages lol, glad i finally found it again


Bug report: 

You can become blocked in the start of the game by moving your starting chicken behind the text bubble to the right of the screen after you have dropped an egg. 

- Will block your save file (reloading does not fix this issue) 


1. Start new game 

2. Progress to tutorial stage where you have fed your chicken

3. When the chicken is broody let the egg be dropped into the floor 

4. When the text bubble appears saying to try again: pick up the chicken and move it to the nest (under the text bubble) 

5. Observe issue: you are unable to pick up the chicken again as the text bubble obscures it. You are therefore blocked from continuing. 

fun little game for the price. nice art style


I really like this game, but there is this bug i have a chicken but it wont lay its egg its been very long now :sob:

you can solve this if you put all the other chickens in the incubator, where they will sleep, and buy and feed grapes to the chicken. As soon as the chicken takes a bite, the bug should be fixed.

this game is good, not only NSFW games are good lmao

So cute and colorful (and tricky!) I was in a super down mood and this was just what I needed.

I told some people in my school, and now everybody plays it. I am not exaggerating, everybody plays this

Cute game, I would have enjoyed hotkeys though!

I just finished the game and it was very cute!  Nice job!

Really nice game,, now i have this naggig itch to get a pet chick :)

If you ever visit this,, maybe an option to buy those chicken boxes? (also a way to dump an entire box at once lol,, tanks the frame-rate, but anything for ze flex)


After quite a few hours I think I need help, this game is amazing  My goal now will be to fill the whole incubator with chicks

i did it


i am raising an army of rainbow chickens and stuffing them into a single box. they all came from 3 chickens which i have dubbed the royal family. i have no idea how many there are in that box but it's at least 100. i have a box of my like 5 golden chickens, a box of stuff i need to sell later, a box of eggshells, and a box of every other chicken aside from rainbow and gold. also i have only been feeding the royal family grapes. 


and i just realized a rainbow chicken got free from the box.


i used a 2nd box to count. not including the royal family, there are 103 rainbow chickens.

(1 edit) (+1)

got some more (idk how many more) and went from this:
to this:


i gained 59,500 from the chickens. and 1 from the box.


using that math, there were 170 chickens in that box. TIME TO MAKE A ROYAL FAMILY OF GOLD CHICKENS!!!

Really cute ! The soundtrack is catchy, take me less of a hour to complete but had a great time.  

absoltely love this game so fun


i've never been so invested in managing chickens

Every time I scroll past this I can't help but find myself coming back to this amazing game! In 3 words short, sweet, and simple.


I think I need help

yes you do,, how dare you leave chimkns out in the cold and ik you have boxes :cry:

what's the probability of getting an egg that can hatch without grapes

I love this game!!!!!!! So much!!!!!!! Thank you for making it!!!!!!!

Thank you for this amazing game!
You can check my full game playthrough here:


This game is very stressful, I'm always worried about breaking an egg or starving my poor chickens to death. They run out of food a lot, even if I downsize. A destress game was the entire selling point. Unhappy I couldn't get that.


Hi there! If it helps, the chickens can’t actually die of hunger so you don’t have to keep feeding them. You can also move some chickens out of the grass area to make then fall asleep, if that makes things more manageable. 

(1 edit)

This is looking for the 3 legs to the cat, the game is awesome and the chickens are not going to starve xd

you don't have feed chickens they don't die of hunger

i love this so mmuch


THIS GAME WAS PURE SERATONIN i loved it, thank you devs!!! <3



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