Peckin' Pixels is a cute management game where you run a chicken farm and make money selling your chicken's colourful eggs.

Now available for PC and Mac!


  • Buy special chicken food with different effects.
  • Unlock rare chickens with different colours.
  • Dress your chickens in cute outfits.
  • Complete your objectives and unlock the rainbow and golden chicken!

Peckin' Pixels is built using Javascript and HTML canvas, and does not use any game engine or libraries. Downloadable version made using Electron.


Made by Waving Walrus Games

Music by Natasha Lanceley

If you enjoy playing please write me a comment, buy the game or get some merch :)


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

rainbow chicken profile pic.png 6 kB
Peckin' Pixels-2.2.0 Setup.exe 65 MB
if you pay $3 USD or more
Peckin' Pixels-2.2.0.dmg 68 MB
if you pay $3 USD or more

Exclusive content

Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

Chicken accessory of your choice added to the game

Choose a new chicken clothing item to be added into the game, which everyone will be able to use to dress their chickens! 

Note: not all suggestions will be possible, but I will do my best.

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Great and simple game


So cute and fun! I really enjoyed working through the notice board goals. I didn't figure out how to do the accessories until the end, but that was a lot of fun too :D


What a nice little game. I just couldn't help but play till the end. It was very entertaining

Thank you so much 😊 

Very cute relaxed game, I liked it!


Really cool ! Loved the global execution and the art <3


You think I got enough orders yet?


You think I got enough chicks yet?

(1 edit) (+1)

You think I got enough chickens yet?

Haha wow, your corn bill must be enormous! 


Reminded me of cheeky chooks it was really cute! I'm glad I played it :3 also all the little hats!! 🥰

I really love this game! It's fun and it's also contained so I was able to keep playing and actually beat it.


Fab video! Glad you worked out to get the final objective in the end :)

oh no u dont have enough money and i cant sell anything   i kinda  wish that we can sell the chickens poop


Wow! what a simple and great game! congratulations! I'm enjoying it a lot! :-)

really fun to play. thank you dev :)


The game is really cool, but he is a little bit slow, i mean i have a low frames rates. Why not a desktop version. Good job dev , I love the game ;) 

I am developing a desktop version, stay tuned! Glad you love the game.

Perfect I will wait for the desktop version ;)

lovin' it


i cant remember if i've commented before so i'm gonna say this anyway:

i absolutely love this game! the style is so cute, the mechanics are simple and intuitive and the music fits so well! i love chickens anyway so i may be a little biased but i genuinely do love this game.

good job dev!!

just beat it, this game is awesome

10/10 chicken


nice game really creative


My video on the game. Please give it a view, a share & a like. If you'd like to talk to me, then please send me a direct message via my Twitter & I'll try to reply when I can. 🐥🐓

Great video, thanks for making it ♥️


Not  sure if that means you watched it or not.

I did watch it! I was very glad when you started using the grapes as it was sad how none of eggs had chicks in them. 


OK, but you don't have your messages on Twitter open.

Deleted 113 days ago

It does save, is it not working for you? 

your right, my bad, it does save. I think it didn't save because i created my account while playing this game. Its a really fun game though. I bet it would blow up if it was made for phone and put in the app store.


hi guys, it doesn't seem to be loading for me? advice?

Hi piep, sorry to hear that. Have you played before on the same device where it won't load?

I really wish this was downloadable! I love this game and want to play it offline.

I think I finished the game... I got the trophy and the rainbow chicken! Really cute game!

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This is a really cute and easy, short game. But I got 20 golden chickens and then I had to close out my things and then when I went back on, BOOM! 19 golden chickens and all my grapes were gone. This bug with the auto save made me rage. ;-;

So cute!! And I appreciate that you can complete it in about an hour. So many of these idle/management games drag on far too long. 

super cute game! am currently setting up chicken society

how do i get eggs with chickens im playing on crazy games

When a chicken lays an egg there’s a random chance it will have a chick inside it. You can feed them some of the special food from the order book to increase the chances. 

...I made my farm box hell...

Can you make new chickens? I would absolutely LOVE a plant-themed chicken. 

i love this game! wish there was an option to upgrade how many nests I have cause it gets quite hectic as you reach the 10 chicken mark!

I love this game! Heads up though that I barely use the weighing scale. I usually just chuck them into the incubator and see if they move. Nothing bad happens if I put an empty egg into the incubator, so I think the scale itself isn't that useful as it is. Still an amazing game though!

Haha yes I realised this too but I thought I would just leave it in for fun anyway.  

If I may give some unsolicited advice, maybe you could limit the amount of eggs in the incubator, then have a separate egg storage for the rest. That way people can't just put eggs in the incubator without thinking and they'll have to use the scale. Also for the eggs with chicks inside them, maybe they could start shaking only when they're almost about to hatch? Not too early :)

I loved this game! SO cute!

Love this game! Simple but fun and very cute.

loved the game, maybe should sale fruit that make the chickens give eggs without chicks.

Fun game and awesome art! Great job!


when you accidentally sell one of your chickens:

(i know it's bad okay! i tried my best ;-;)

Love this game. Great work in making raising chickens fun!

Nice game yo

I love this game! Short but sweet. and the chickens are all soo cuteee!

I loed so much this game i kept playing it weeks after completing it. but i had to close it :( i miss my chickens

The game saves your chickens to your browser storage so they should still be there when you open the browser again. Unless you pressed the reset button. 

Thank you,that is how i playerd for weeks, but i had to close the tab,recently.


I accidentally hit the reset button and... boom, gone. If you update, maybe add a confirmation for resetting the game, please.


this game is cute and fun. wish there are more tasks.

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