Peckin' Pixels is a cute management game where you run a chicken farm and make money selling your chicken's colourful eggs.

  • Buy special chicken food with different effects.
  • Unlock rare chickens with different colours.
  • Dress your chickens in cute outfits.
  • Complete your objectives and unlock the rainbow and golden chicken!

Peckin' Pixels is built using Javascript and HTML canvas, and does not use any game engine or libraries.


Buy Peckin Pixels Stickers!

Peckin pixels stickers Peckin pixels stickersPeckin pixels stickers

I have now made some stickers which sell on Redbubble! You can them buy in many different countries. If you order them with transparent edges then you can dress your chickens up with the included accessories!

Peckin pixels stickers

Made by Waving Walrus Games

Music by Komiku

If you enjoy playing please write me a comment, or consider donating :) 

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aaaaa i love it! thanks for making this game, it's so cute. I love my pesky chickens

LOL I put a piece of half eaten corn on the ground and the chickens avoided it like it was chop liver.

wanna know advice for chicken breeding? 1st feed a chicken a grape, 2nd put egg in incubator with chick feed next to it and watch the magic happen!

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By the way, you know the brown/red chickens? I have a whole farm of them and none else!!!

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Please make there a white chicken with black spots like a dalmation please!!!!!!

Suggestion: Can you add a galaxy chicken as the next best chicken and maybe a space helmet to go with that.


Amazing game. Definitely worth playing through to the golden and rainbow chickens. I never knew chickens could be so cute and fun to raise :)

Thanks for your lovely comment <3 <3 <3


I need ALL of the boxes now

I made the circle/ arrow with paint 3D


We Fed her and watered her but did not let her out


When I was a kid I found a big box and I put a pillow and blanket in it! And slept  in it! But my cat peed in it while I was at the store with my dad... We put our cat in her cage for a week (that is what we do when grounding our cat)


I have another question: How many chicken breeds in the game are there?

Hi Plantie!

On the last page of the order book you can buy an egg for each breed of chicken. This shows you how many there are and which ones you haven't unlocked yet.

Thanks and I love the king chicken in the back sleeping


I put things in boxes so I don't have to put everything individually on the sell.

Clever idea!

Broken eggs laid on grass or places where they should not be laid cant go in boxes. I think I remember that chickens can but maybe only one can go  in a box at a time.

And maybe I can sleep in a box LOL


Dank Pirate Chicken


I love this game! I am only doing brown speckled ones. Can you add more chicken breeds and costumes? Like a cat-eared headband or a black and white chicken?

Thanks for nice comments Plantie! I will add some cat headbands for you! Also there already is a black chicken with white speckles isnt there?

I've added cat ears for you now!

Also than you so much and it's not really white but kinda light gray but white is  as close as it gets. And I love your profile gif!

Are you planning on making this downloadable?

Hi Dr Froth. The game only runs in the browser so it would be a bit of work to make it downloadable. Out of interest, why do you want it to be downloadable?

Mostly because i have limited internet and can really only play games if i have them for offline use. Thank you for the reply!

Please make it DOWNLOADABLE!!!!

Thanks for your message. Why do you want it downloadable? :)

Every single egg breaks no matter what. Cannot progress out of the tutorial because the eggs break in the box. Eventually I run out of money to buy feed, then I run out of feed, and then I am soft locked.

Hi there, I’m sorry to hear that. What do you mean the eggs break in the box? The chickens need to lay eggs in the nest for them not break. 

I will add an exit tutorial button to stop people getting soft locked and also give people their money back if they run out in the tutorial.

The nest is the glass box on the right, no? I keep putting my hen in there and the eggs are broken the moment she lays them. Tried it outside of that box and they are broken too.

Ah no the glass box is the incubator. There are 3 nests near the top of the screen. They look a bit like bird nests. 

I love this game so far! The only problem I encountered was that at a certain point the chickens kept getting stuck in their boxes and would move whenever I moved their box or be sold when I tried to sell the box. Otherwise very fun!


if you hold the chicken while the box is being moved out and then let go after the ''ka-ching'' then it won't teleport back, probably figured that out already but I just want to be helpful :)

same! It was quite annoying because I had to keep all the boxes on my screen or else it would get rid of the rare chicken.

super cute! i had a lot of fun playing around to it and might come back to it soon

one thing tho, ive encountered a bug where my black chickens (both spotted and not spotted) get stuck to their box when i try to drag the box around, even if they arent close together on screen

I've been playing for hours and I can't seem to get the 10th breed of chicken (rainbow)! Help plssssss

You need to have 10 chickens of different colours all in the yard and not inside boxes or in a nest, etc. If you are missing a colour of chicken, you can buy an egg from the last page of the order book.  Thanks for playing!

that was really fun to play ! got too excited and had a lot of broken eggs ! small bug, rainbow chicken is stuck with the box she came in.. 

Thanks for your comment, hopefully I have fixed the stuck in the box bug now!

kept me entertained for a long time and at the end i had 10,000 dollars and 20 rainbow chickens 10/10


This game helped me fulfil my fantasy of becoming a god of rainbow pirate chickens who, in my headcanon, are immortal and live out adventures of the pirates of the caribbean franchise.

No game quite able to quench my thirst like this one

This game is amazing and super cute~

cool game~ i like it

There are some bugs in this game. On my iPad, if I’m dragging something, sometimes the game gets out of full screen, and when I return, it either freezes up or the item I was dragging disappears.